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How many people would be interested in commissioning me if I opened up point commishes for the month of December? Additionally, what price range/quality of art (full pieces, headshots, badges, full pieces, etc.) would people be interested in?
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Off to find the next one! by DarkHeartSeer
Off to find the next one!
Koko and Von were going to go bear hunting with their handlers, but it seems Tomkin has taken the spotlight!

Link to import sheet: Koko 597
Link to hunting journal: Koko 597
Items/Companions: N/A

Link to import sheet: Von 1472
Link to hunting journal: Von 1472 Tracking Journal
Items/Companions: N/A

Featuring: Tomkin 13

Total HP value: 11 HP (5 for colored/shaded w/ complex BG, 2 for depiction of handler, 2 for hunting, 2 for depiction of a starter)
For ella5512
Von headshots by DarkHeartSeer
Von headshots
...and by that I mean "practicing Toko anatomy while spoiling my baby girl."

Link to Import Sheet: Von 1472
Link To Tracking Journal: Von 1472 Tracking Journal
HP: 8
Jump! --- Rite of Merit by DarkHeartSeer
Jump! --- Rite of Merit

                Von’s body wriggled with excitement, her face alight with eagerness, when she spotted the hurdles in the ring.

                “Calm down!” Tori yelped, struggling again the pull of the Tokota. She whistled sharply, and Von stilled, glancing back as her ears swiveled forwards. Tori sighed. “Von, I know you love jumping, but this is serious! Okay, you big goof?” She reached up to scratch behind the cream’s ears as she spoke.

                None had been more surprised than Tori at the reaction Von had when first introduced to show jumping. The shy and skittish Toko had opened up once she understood that she was to jump the hurdles in the order instructed at the fastest possible time. She seemed to love the speed and exercise, and she was often too afraid to do more than trot along nervously when ridden out in the wilds.

                “You ready, girl?” Tori whispered, removing the halter and double checking the collar.

    The Toko huffed, prancing in place.

“Okay then. Go!”

Word Count: 164


Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Von 1472

Registered name and ID number: Von 1472
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: Prestige Breeder
Handler name: Tori
Training images and/or bonus images: n/a
Von 1472 by TotemSpirit
Registered name: Von
Nickname(s): N/A
ID number: 1472
Owner: DarkHeartSeer
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Genotype: ee/aa/Tt/nCr/MM/nA/nPng/Cc
Phenotype: Marked collared cream tundra pangare with accents
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 888 lbs
Heirarchy status: Submissive
Rites of Fertility: 1/3
✓ Rite of Merit: Passed with average score
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.

Personality: Rather timid and skittish, but has a big heart. She enjoys cuddling with her handler and with other Tokos.

------------------------------------------ SSS:Unknown
----------------- SS: Abraxas 462
------------------------------------------ SSD: Tikaani 16
Sire: Viho 435
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD:Oona 20
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Voltaire 02
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Vasilisa 696
------------------------------------------ DDS: Akycha 04
----------------- DD: Yara 130
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown


Tori (Victoria)
Nickname(s): "Snowbell"
Age: 19 years
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Ref Sheet: Tori --- Tokotas Handler by DarkHeartSeer
 Easily irritable and vocal when displeased. She loves snuggling with her Tokos, but is wary of strange Tokos. Once she has a plan in mind, nothing can hold her back from seeking success.


HP: 59.5

Von sketch dump and fullbody image by AdineArts
5 Colored/shaded headshots: +10
1 Colored/shaded fullbody w/ simple BG: +3.5

Jump! --- Rite of Merit by DarkHeartSeer
RITE(show): Colored/shaded fullbody w/ complex BG: +6
Non-commissioned art: +1

Von headshots by DarkHeartSeer
4 Colored/shaded headshots: +8
Non-commissioned art: +1

Von in a big world by Callofdutystables
Colored fullbody w/ complex BG (no shading): +4

Playin' In the Snow (Commiss) by Horseste
Colored/shaded fullbody w/ complex BG: +5
Depiction of handler: +2

Off to find the next one! by DarkHeartSeer
Colored/shaded fullbody w/ complex BG: +5
Depiction of handler: +2
Hunting: +2
Depiction of starter: +2
Non-commissioned art: +1

A stroll through the woods (Comm) by Horseste
Colored/shaded fullbody w/ complex BG: +5
Depiction of Handler: +2




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